Scanner / Multichannel Indicator

Yudian AI-702M/704M/706M Multi Channel Scanner

  • Programmable and modular inputs.
  • Every input channel has independent low/high limit alarm which can be assigned any alarm output
  • High performance hardware design greatly decreased the temperature
  • Provide high accuracy
  • Addition, subtraction and multiplication
  • Advanced communication function
  • Support up to 2 isolated retransmission output.
  • Any input channel can be retransmitted

K-Hoat KH-105-D Series Scanner

  • KH105-D multi-channel indicator with 16 channels
  • Single and multi-point measuring and circular display
  • Automatically circular display with flexible
  • Universal input
  • The alarm output
  • The real time data can be printed via RS232
  • MODBUS communication