ATC 109N





Industrial Class Wall-mounted RS-485/422 Photoelectric Isolation Data Repeater


ATC-109N data repeater is a kind of data relay communication product of photoelectric isolated RS-422/RS-485. It can be used with ATC-108 Photoelectric Isolation Interface Converter in combination. ATC-109N data repeater can prolong the communication distance of RS-422 /RS-485 bus network and increase the number of RS-422/RS-485 bus network devices.

The inner circuit of ATC-109N Photoelectric Isolation Data Repeater can detect data direction and switch to control it automatically, conveniently to form a RS-485 network without any shake hand signal. This kind of RS-485 control is fully transparent and need not amend software for the former network basing on RS-422/485 working modes. The built in photoelectric isolator and DC/DC converter can offer 3500V isolation voltage and the rapid Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) can effectively inhibit lightning and ESD, provide 1000W lightning strike and surge protection power on each line, and prevent lightning strike and common code interference.

Interface Feature Interface is compatible with EIA/TIA RS-485/RS-422 standard
Electric Interface

RS-422/RS-485 interfaces are 6-bit screw terminal

Transmission Media

Twisted-pair cable or shielded cable

Working Mode Asynchronous half or full duplex
Signal Indication

3 signal indication lights indicate TXD, RXD and PWR 

Isolation Isolation voltage 3500VRMS 500VDC sequence
Transmission Speed 0-115.2kbps
Transmission Distance 0-5 km
Working Environment -20℃ to 70℃, 5% to 95% relative humidity
Product Appearance 100mmx86mmx26mm