ATC 131





Port Powered RS-232 Isolator


The ATC-131 optically isolates and protects the transmit and receive lines of your RS-232 port from ground loops and power surges up to 2500V RMS for one minute. The data stream is converted from an electrical pulse to an optical beam, then back to an electrical pulse. Because there is no electrical connection between the DTE and DCE sides of the isolator, the ATC-131, unlike a surge suppressor, will not pass large sustained power surges through to your equipment.

This isolator will protect both the transmit and receive lines at baud rates up to 57.6K without the need of an external power supply. Power is derived through the transmit and handshake lines. Special circuitry allows the ATC-131 to be powered regardless of the state of the handshake lines. At least one handshake line must be connected on each side of the isolator. Note that handshake line signals are not passed through the isolator.


  • Protect serial port, inhibit static and surge, prevent ground loop and surge damaging devices
  •  Adopt latest high voltage photoelectric parts, powerful anti-jamming capacity
  • Support RS-232 asynchronous communication standard, direct insert into RS-232 interface serially, convenient operation
  • Compact size, optional manifold signals and suitable for various devices.

Interface Feature

Conform to EIA RS - 232 and CCITT v. 24 asynchronous protocol

Working Mode

Asynchronous full duplex

Transmission Speed


Electric Interface


DB9 male


DB9 female


2500V in succession or 7500V pulse

Power Supply

Power supply to the RS - 232 port (TXD, RTS or DTR)

Product Appearance

Plastic shell 63mmx33mmx17mm

Working Environment

-20℃ to 70℃, 5% to 95% relative humidity