ATC 155





Port Powered RS-232 Isolator ATC:155

ATC - 155, RS - 232 photoelectric isolation line drives or line transceiver or line repeater insulation. It can be in optical isolation and make two equipment for asynchronous communication of RS - 232 communication distance is increased to 12 km at the same time.

Due to adopt photoelectric isolated technology, completely isolated RS - 232 devices on both ends of the electric and ground wire loop, so as to protect communications equipment from the power supply ground loop interference and surge damage, significantly improve the stability and reliability of communication system. Due to the changed the RS - 232 interface way of single side transmission, using the double balance transfer, greatly increase the communication distance. In the use of dedicated line of asynchronous point-to-point RS - 232 field, ATC - 155 can be used to meet the needs of interface protection or extended distance.

ATC - 155 volume small, the wire has no special requirement, don't need an external power supply, can be directly inserted to the device of the RS - 232 interface, use very convenient.

Interface Feature One port conforms to EIA RS-232 and CCITT V.24, the other uses special 4-core cooper wire
Connector One side of RS-232 uses DB9 hole connector
The circuit side uses DB9 pin connector
Transmission Mode Asynchronous, full duplex or simplex
  • 24AWG lead for 12KM @600BPS
  • 24AWG lead for 1KM @38.4KBPS
  • 24AWG lead for 100M @57.6KBPS
Isolation 2500V in succession or 7500V pulse
Power Supply Power supply to the RS - 232 port
Transmission Speed 0-57.6kbps
Working Environment -20℃ to 70℃, 5% to 95% relative humidity
Product Appearance Plastic shell 63mmx33mmx17mm