Flow Totalizers AI-808H





  • Modularized structure and hardware compatible with other AIl series instruments and modules, which make it easy to maintain and quick delivered.
  • Modularized and configurable inputs. The flow input can be 1-5V, 0-5V, 4-20mA or frequency signal, and special user defined input specification is also available. The temperature input can be configured to Pt100 RTD, K, E, J type thermocouple, voltage, or current signal. The pressure input can be various voltage or current signal.
  • Abundant functions such as retransmission, high/low alarm of momentary flow, temperature and pressure, abnormal signal detecting, and communication with computer are available.
  • Square root/no square root selectable ,8-digits accumulation value and 4-digits momentary process value, small signal cut-out can be set at any range

Temperature or pressure compensation

Accuracy : ±0.2% FS

Flow input type : Frequency,Analog signal

Temperature input type : Thermocouple K,E,J,PT100,Analog signal

Pressure input type : Linear Voltage(0-5V DC or 1-5V DC, Liner Current(4-20mA)-for  Pressure Compensation(compansation possible with AI-808H))
Batch Output : Relay
Power supply : SMPS 100 ~ 240VAC, 50-60Hz or 24VDC

Display : Momentary Flow, Accumulated Flow, Pressure & Temperature

Panel cutout dimension : 92×92mm, 152×76mm, 76×152mm, 45×92mm, 92×45mm, 45×45mm, 68×68mm