KH-7014 / KH-7018 Analog Input Module





Overview of KH-7014

Ultra-thin multi-channel analog input KH7014 acquisition module can be realized on-site industrial control multi-channel analog signal data acquisition (such as: temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, linear voltage, linear current, battery parameters and other parameters detection); widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, industrial automation, warehouses, libraries, etc., with respect to market similar products with compact, slim body module, high-precision, high isolation, support for multi-channel input, using the standard MODBUS-RTU protocol RS485 bus transfer.

Input Function: supports up to eight input channels, each channel can support a variety of input types of thermocouple, standard linear voltage, linear current, and support for a battery of tests; inter-channel optocoupler isolation relay input, isolation voltage up to 400VAC. 


Communication function: Using RS485 interface based on standard MODBUS-RTU protocol; with the market most of the man-machine interface (HMI), distributed control systems (DCS), PLC communication, such as Delta HMI, KING, MCGS the DCS, etc., but also with the company's LD800G paperless recorder paperless recorder composed of distributed systems. 


Slim Specification:  volume: 99 * 98.5 * 17.7mm (L * W * H, including terminals, slot), compact size, ultra-thin module body, easy to install. 


Operational simplicity: Simply connect the sensor according to the meter wiring diagram, configure the DCS and other PC software, and connect the power supply to achieve data collection.