Khoat KH-702 Wireless Communication Converter





Wireless Communication Converter




KH702 wireless communication converter can achieve USB port to wireless communication or RS485 port to wireless communication, widely used in wireless check meter, industrial data acquisition, pan-tilt control and etc area, such as for data control and data copy in meters of water, electricity and gas, entrance guard access record, building control, goods yard logistics, burglar alarm, intelligent instrument and meters, automatic control, intelligent home etc area.




USB port to Wireless Communication


: USB port is for power supply and also transmitting data, directly plug to USB port of PC or notebook, plug and play, supporting standard MODBUS-RTU protocol

RS485 port to Wireless Communication


: Standard RS485communication port, communication with intelligent equipment and transfer to wireless communication, supporting standard MODBUS-RTU protocol (External 5VDC power supply adaptor is needed)

Wireless transmission type

: Wireless communication networks can be achieved through current 220V electricity network, supporting standard MODBUS-RTU protocol. Transmitting distance can be up to 1500m without obstacle in open area, with 422MHZ carrier frequency, without application for ISM frequency band, supporting multi-signals, without interferes with multi-modules transmission

Built-in Protection



: Built-in anti-lightning and anti- electrostatic protection; automatic identify the data direction control,; transmitter and receiver in a unit, semiduplex, automatically finish data transmitting and receiving

Transmission Distance


: Transmission distance can be up to 1500meters without obstacle; strong penetration (about 6-10 floors)

Various Communication type

: Point to point communication, point to multi-point communication, multi-point to point communication

Transparent Transmission

: Transparent data transmission, can transmit long data frames


: FCC, ETSI standard Specification


Communication port : USB /RS485 wireless communication
Communication rate : 9600 default
Signal channels no. : 8(can be expand to 16 if required)
Transmit & Receive time :<10ms
Working frequency : 433MHZ, no need to apply for ISM frequency band
Data format : 8NI default (8 data bit, 1stop bit)
Indicator : Supporting RSSI indicating, there is LED indicating for transmitting and receiving
Installation type : Wall or desktop installation.
Size : 103.5x96x39mm (LxWxH)
Power comsuption : <1.0W
Working temperature :- 25 to 75°C
Storage temperature : -40to 85°C
Relative humidity : 5%-90%,no dew