RTU With Lan CM550-52G





1,Support APN/VPDN
2,Support double data center backup and multiple data center ( 8 data center) receiving data, the biggest number of sending center is up to 256
3,Remote wakeup: support short message,voice,data etc wakeup method and overtime disconnect network
4,Support center server fixed IP, when center adopts dynamic IP, it can support DDNS dynamic domain communication mode.
5,Support 6 CH counter input,8 CH switch input,8 CH analog input,4 CH digital output,2 CH PMW output,4 CH relay output
6,Support 1 RS232/RS485
7,Support 1 Ethernet port,and USB(optional)
8,Support extendable wireless RTU managment platform protocol
9,Support remote configure,remote control and remote upgrade
10,Support WEB configure
11,Support telnet
12,Support serial port software upgrade
13,Support GPS/Compass(optional)
14,Support Zigbee mesh network(optional)
15,Support LINUX, UNIX and WINDOWS operating systems

Model No. CM550-52G(GPRS)
Cellular Parameters:
Item Content
Cellular GPRS/GSM
Standards and Frequency Bands Support EGSM900/GSM1800MHz dual band,
GSM800/900/1800/1900MHz four band (optional).
Support GSM phase 2/2+
Support GPRS multi-slot class 10. Class 12(optional)
Coding Scheme CS1~CS4
Communication Bandwidth the theory of broadband :171.2Kb/s; the actual broadband :100Kbits>X>20Kbits/s
Transmit Power GSM850/900:<33dBm;GSM1800/1900:<30dBm
Receiver Sensitivity <-107dBm
Hardware system:
Item Content
CPU Industrial CPU,stable and reliable performance
MMU CPU with MMU memory management unit, can prevent memory overflow exception
Flash 64Mbits, a large enough memory to store programs and data
SDRAM 256Mbits, a large enough cache to improve system operation speed
Operating System:
Item Content
Operating System Using LINUX2.6 operating system with memory management unit and real-time feature, upgrades is very fast and system is stable;
Interface Type:  
Item Content
Serial port 1 RS232 serial port (supports RS422/TTL)
Data bits: 5,6,7,8 bit
Stop bits: 1, 1.5,2 bit
Parity: none, odd , even , space and mark
Baudrate: 110bps ~ 115200bps
Ethernet 1xLAN(One 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports), Ethernet IEEE 802-3, 802-2; built-in 1.5KV magnetic isolation protection.
USB 1xUSB, USB2.0, HOST interface, speed at 12Mbps
Indicator “POWER”, “Link / ACT”,“COMM” and “ONLINE”
Antenna Interface Standard SMA female interface, 50 ohm; optional 3M/5M/10M/15M antenna extension cable, meet the different needs of customers.
UIM interface 1.8V/3V/5V standard putter user card interface, built-in 15KV ESD protection
Power Interface Block interface,power supply over-voltage protection and reverse current protection.
Analog input Resolution:16 bit,input voltage(-10V-+10V),input current(0-20mA),sampling rate(1.365kSPS),Accuracy±0.5% or better
Switch input Input range(0-3.3V low level,5-30V high level)conatins all the way count function(1KHz)
Relay output(dry contact) Drive ability 5A/30VDC,5A/250VAC
Optocoupler digital output Open collector output,Max 30V,max current 40mA,Max power 125mW
Optocoupler PWM output Open collector output,Max 30V,max current 40mA,Max power 125mW,output frequency 0-1KHz,adjustable duty cycle
Power supply:
Item Content
Supply voltage Wide voltage design, DC 7V to the DC32V power supply directly to the device; and built-in power supply over-voltage protection and reverse current protection
Standard power supply DC9V/1.5A
Current while Communicating Average communication current :200mA @ +9 VDC;
Communicating instantaneous peak current: 1.0A @ +9 VDC
Standby current Standby average current:0.15A@+9VDC
Physical features:
Item Content
Shell Metal shell: metal case, anti-radiation, anti-interference; shell and system security isolation, lightning protection design; meet the power requirements of safety regulations; protection rating IP30; particularly suit for harsh industrial control environments.
Product Dimensions 167*104*26mm(not including the antenna and the fixed parts)
Packing Size 350*215*88mm
Weight 0.52Kg
Other parameters:
Item Content
Operating Temperature -25ºC ~+75ºC
Storage Temperature -40~+85ºC
Relative Humidity 95%(No condensation)