Wireless router with 1 Lan CM520-81G





1, Support both LINUX and WINDOWS operating systems
2, All wireless modules are certified by the CGD or FCC certification or CE certification.
3, Support VPN tunnel, including PPTP, MPPE, L2TP, GRE and IPSEC
4, Support multiple protocols: TCP / IP, UDP, ICMP, SMTP, HTTP, POP3, OICQ, TELNET, FTP, etc.
5, support Regular on-line offline functionality, can set the device on-line and offline in a certain period of time
6, Support DDNS(Dynamic Domain Name Server): support ORAY, 88IP, and DYNDNS domain name service provider
7, Intelligent anti-dropped, support online testing, online maintenance, automatic redial, and ensure router is always on-line.
8, Online maintenance patents: Intelligent anti-dropped, online testing, online maintenance, automatically restart to ensure that equipment is always online.

Model No. CM520-81G(GPRS)
Cellular Parameters  
Item Content
Cellular GPRS/GSM
Standards and frequency bands Support EGSM900/GSM1800MHz dual-band, quad-band
GSM800/900/1800/1900MHz optional
Support GSM phase 2 / 2 +
Supports GPRS multi-slot class 10, class 12 optional
Coding scheme CS1~CS4
Communication bandwidth Theoretical bandwidth: 171.2Kb / s; actual bandwidth: 100Kbits> X> 20Kbits / s
Transmit power GSM850/900:<33dBm;GSM1800/1900:<30dBm
Receiver sensitivity <-107dBm
Function support Support data, voice, SMS and fax
Hardware system  
Item Content
CPU Industrial high-performance embedded ARM9 processing; 200MPS; with 16KB Dcache, high-speed cache data speed up high-speed data access with 16KB Icache, high-speed instruction cache enhanced instruction processing speed.
MMU CPU with MMU memory management unit, can prevent memory overflow exception.
Flash 64Mbits (expandable to 256Mbits) have enough memory to store programs and data.
SDRAM 256Mbits (expandable to 2048Mbits), a large enough cache to improve system operation speed.
Operating System  
Item Content
Operating System Using real-time operating system with memory management unit, real-time, fast, stable.
Interface Type:  
Item Content
Ethernet port 1xLAN(One 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports), Ethernet IEEE 802-3, 802-2; built-in 1.5KV magnetic isolation protection.
Serial port 1 RS232 serial port or 1 RS485 interface (supports RS422/TTL)
Bytesize: 7,8 bit
Stopbits: 1, 2-bit
Parity: no parity, odd parity, even parity, SPACE and MARK parity
Baudrate: 110bps ~115200bps
Flow Control: None flow control, RTS / CTS hardware flow control or XON / XOFF software flow control.
Indicator “Power”, “Link / ACT”, “COMM” and “Online”
Antenna Interface Standard SMA female interface, 50 ohm; optional 3M/5M/10M/15M antenna extension cable, meet the different needs of customers.
UIM interface 1.8V/3V/5V standard putter user card interface, built-in 15KV ESD protection
Power Interface Standard 3-pin power jack
Power supply:  
Item Content
Supply voltage Wide voltage design, DC 5V to the DC32V power supply directly to the device; and built-in power supply over-voltage protection and reverse current protection.
Standard power supply DC9V/1.5A
Current while Communicating Average communication current : 390mA @ +9 VDC;
instantaneous peak current: 1.0A @ +9 VDC
Standby current average current: <56mA @ +9 VDC
Physical features:  
Item Content
Shell Metal shell: metal case, anti-radiation, anti-interference; shell and system security isolation, lightning protection design; meet the power requirements of safety regulations; protection rating IP30; particularly suitable for harsh industrial control environments.
Product dimensions 195 * 121 * 30mm (not including the antenna and the fixed parts)
Packing Size 298x226x60mm
Weight 0.7kg
Other parameters:  
Item Content
Operating Temperature -25ºC ~+65ºC
Extended operating temperature -35 ºC~+75ºC
Storage Temperature -40~+85ºC
Relative Humidity 95%(No condensation)