Yudian AI-208 Economical Temp Controller





AI-208 Economical Temperature Controller


  • Thermocouple / PT-100 Selection
  • Relay omega replica watches or SSR Output


Basic function of instrument AI-208 economical intelligent temperature controller


  • AI-208G,with SSR voltage output, no alarm output
  • AI-208GL1,with SSR voltage o/p+1 Relay alarm o/p (N.O./ N.C.) OR 1 contact output,no alarm o/p.
  • AI-208GL3,with SSR voltage o/p+1 Relay alarm o/p (N.O.) & 1 contact o/p & alarm o/p.


Front panel dimension


  • D2 front panel 48 X 48mm² (width X height), cut out 45 X 45mm²
  • D front panel 72 X 72mm² (width X height), cut out 68 X 68mm²
  • A front panel 96 X 96mm² (width X height), cut out 92 X 92mm²

input type

: K‚S‚R‚E‚J‚N (Thermocouple) and PT100 (RTD)

Instrument Input range

: K, E, J, N (0~+999)°C, Pt100(0~+800)°C

Measurement accuracy

: 0.3%FS±1°C

Temp display resolution

: 0 or 0.0 (0.0 just for 0~99.9 display)

Control Mode

: On-off control mode, or PID control with auto-tuning.

Power supply voltage rating

: 100-240VAC, -15%, +10% / 50-60Hz.

Power consumption

: ≤2W

Ambient temperature

: 96×96mm², 72×72mm², 48×48mm², 48×96mm², 96×48mm²