8.1 Yudian AI-7021-D5 Dual Temperature Transmitter





Din Rail Mounted Transmitter And Isolator

  • Provides 2 channels of configurable inputs, and supports multiple voltage, RTD, thermocouple
  • Inputs with auto reference junction compensation
  • Generates two isolated current outputs, 4-20mA or 0 – 20mA
  • High performance hardware, which leads to greatly decreased temperature
  • Drift Franck Muller Replica Watches and interference among the two channels
  • Achieves the measurement accuracy and anti-interference ability
  • Generates digital adjusted current output without potentiometer, making the current output
  • Precise and stable
  • ISO9001 and CE certified and meets EMC standards. Its power and all I/O terminals pass.
  • 4KV/5KHz EFT test and can work reliably under interference.

Input(Single or Dual)

: All type of thermocouple and PT100‚ cu50 (RTD)‚

  linear voltage‚ MV‚ linear current

Re transmission O/P (Dual) : Linear current (4 20 mA) or voltage (Freely defined)
Power supply : SMPS 100~240VAC‚ 50 Hz
Re transmission accuracy : 0.3%FS± 1 Digit
Display resolution : 0.001° C (Selectable)
Size (W x H) : 22.5 x 100 (DIN rail)
Other features : Input offset
Operating ambient : 10C~60°C
humidity : <90%RH