Yudian AI-7048 4-Loop PID Controller





Yudian Make Multi Channel PID Temperature Controller


  • Providing 4 channels of configurable inputs supporting multiple thermocouple inputs with auto reference junction,Compensation and linear voltage inputs with user defined scale.
  • Every channel has its own digital filtering and can adjust its filtering degree.
  • High performance hardware design, which greatly decreased temperature drift and the interference among the four channels.
  • Obtains the same measurement accuracy and anti-interference ability.
  • Every channel has independent high/low alarms, can be allocated to different same alarm outputs .
  • Friendly  and customized operating interface leads to easy learning, simple manipulation Up to 12 parameters can be promoted to immediate operator access in field parameter table.
  • Advanced communication functions.
  • Compatible with the communication protocol of other AI series instruments,Communicates with the host computer the same as four independent controllers.
  • New generation D5/E5 rail mounted dimension.
  • ISO 9001 swiss replica watches and CE certified with EMC standard,with world class level of quality,anti-interference ability and safety.



: T/C : K, S, R, E, J, T, B, N, WRe5-

  WRe26 Linear voltage: 0~20mV, 0~60mV,

  0~100mV, 0~1V, etc

Measurement accuracy

: 0.2%FS ± 0.1°C

Sampling rate

: 250ms

Control period

: 0.48 sec / 4 channels


: SSR voltage, 12VDC/20mA each channel

Temperature shift

: <=0.01%FS / (typical value is 60ppm/ )

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

: ±4KV/5KHz according to IEC61000-4-4; 4KV

   according to IEC61000-4-5.

Isolation with standing voltage

: Between power, relay contact or signal

  terminal >=2300VDC;Between SSR voltage

  output and thermocouple input>=600VDC

Power supply

: 100~240VAC, -15%, +10% / 50Hz, 

  120~240VDC, or 5VA.

Operating Ambient

: Temperature(-10~60); humidity °C <=90%RH

Power supply

: 100-240VAC or 24VDC