Yudian AI-708/808/ 719 Series PID Controller





YUDIAN Make AI-708/808 PID Controller



  • Digital calibration technology for input measurement with input measurement accuracy 0.2% F.S., non-linear calibration tables for standard thermocouples cheap replica watches and RTDs are available in the instrument.
  • Advanced AI control algorithm, no overshoot and with the function of auto tuning and self-adaptation.
  • Adopt advanced modular structure,plentiful output options,satisfy the requirements of various applications, and make quick delivery and conveniences the maintenance of the instrument.
  • Friendly and customized operating interface,easy learning Fake Watches Online For Sale and simple manipulation. Any parameter can be promoted to immediate operator access in Field Parameter Table or password protected in Full Parameter Table.
  • High quality and performance hardware design, using high performance tantalum capacitor or ceramic capacitor,it consumes less electricity, experiences less temperature shifting, provides higher stability and reliability, and can work in a wider range of temperature.
  • ISO9001 best replica watches and CE certified, complying with EMC requirement,achieving world class level of quality,anti-interference ability and safety.




: Universal [All type of thermocouple and PT100‚ Cu50 (RTD)‚ linear voltage‚ Linear current‚ MV‚ 2 wire transmitter input

Measurement accuracy

: 0.2%FS+ 0.1 ℃


: Relay‚ SSR‚ linear voltage‚ linear current‚ SCR phase shift trigger‚ servo valve


: High‚ low‚ high deviation and low deviation


: RS 485‚ RS 232 (Modularized installable)

Power supply

: 100~240VAC, -15%, +10% / 50-60Hz; 120~240VDC; or 24VDC/AC, -15%, +10%.

Power consumption

: ≤5W

Operating Ambient

: Temp:-10~60℃; humidity ≤90%RH

Front panel dimension

: 96×96mm, 160×80mm, 80×160mm, 48×96mm, 96×48mm, 48×48mm,72×72mm

Panel cutout dimension

: 92×92mm, 152×76mm, 76×152mm, 45×92mm, 92×45mm, 45×45mm,68×68mm

Depth behind mounting surface

: 100mm