Yudian AI-702M/704M/706M Multi Channel Scanner





AI-702M / AI-704M / AI-706M


  • Programmable and modular inputs. Multiple input types of thermocouples and RTDs,voltage/current inputs and two-wire transmitters are field- selectable.
  • Every channel can have independent input specification, equipped with digital adjustment gucci replica handbags and digital filtering functions and can set different digital adjustment and filtering parameters.
  • High performance hardware design, greatly decreased the temperature drift and the interference between channels,thus multi-channel measurement accuracy is 0.2% full scale, the same as that of single channel.
  • Provide high accuracy compensation function such as ice-point compensation, copper resistance compensation and thermostat compensation to thermocouple inputs.
  • Provide accurate internal calculation functions including addition, extraction, and multiplication.
  • Support up to 2 isolated retransmission output. Any input channel can be retransmitted to OUTP port or all channels are cyclically retransmitted.
  • Provide manual/auto pilot display, replica watches with 2 pilot speed selectable.
  • Support up to 7 on-off signal inputs/outputs which can work as alarm output or on-off signal I/O for host computer.
  • Every input channel has independent low/high limit alarm which can be assigned any alarm output.
  • Advanced communication function. Provide high accuracy and stability multi-channel analog data sampling function to host computer. The host computer can also input upto 7 channel on-off signal or execute on-off operation through an indicator.
  • ISO9001 and CE certificates, fake rolex watches comply with EMC standard, high reliability and stability. The power and I/O terminals have passed the anti-interference test of 4KV/5KHz burst of pulses.


: Universal [All type of thermocouple and PT100‚ Cu50 (RTD)‚

  linear voltage‚ linear current‚ MV‚ 2 wire transmitter input.

No.of channels

: 2 / 4 / 6


: High‚ low‚ second high and second low (Selectable)


: RS 485‚ RS 232 (Plug in type modules)

Re transmission O/P

: Linear current or voltage

Power supply

: SMPS 100~240VAC‚ 50 Hz


: 0.3%FS± 1 unit

Display resolution

: 0.001° C (Selectable)




(W x H x D)


  • 48 x 48 x 95 (D2 size)
  • 72 x 72 x 100 (D size)
  • 48 X 96 X 100 (E size)
  • 96 X 48 X 100 (F size)
  • 96 x 96 x 100 (A size)
  • E5 (DIN rail mounting)