Texspin bearings Ltd

We installed MICON make single phase SCR power controller for heater controlling in heat treatment department. It have high accuracy and fast acting so in tempering process of bearings our SCR controller precisely varies AC voltage of heater and maintains the temperature. So that increases the toughness of bearing.
WECON PLC and HMIs integrated in high speed machineries application at automobile manufacturing company in Gujarat. Cylindrical roller bearings have many designs, dimension series and sizes. The majority is single row bearings with a cage. Single and double row full complement bearings (without cage) complete the RAS standard assortment for general engineering. Bearings with a cage can accommodate heavy radial loads and operate at high speeds. Full complement cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for very heavy radial loads at moderate speeds. Our WECON PLC & HMI are used to accomplish this application.


Jai Bhairav Electrical, Deesa

WECON PLCs and HMIs integrated at cold storage plants at Deesa & Palanpur, Gujarat.
India is the largest producer of fruits and second largest producer of vegetables in the world. In spite of that per capita availability of fruits and vegetables is quite low because of post harvest losses which account for about 25% to 30% of production. Besides, quality of a sizable quantity of produce also deteriorates by the time it reaches the consumer. This is mainly because of perishable nature of the produce which requires a cold storage plants. Here, WECON’s HMI & PLC are used in these type of cold storage plant for all types of vegetables to maintain various parameters like temperature, humidity, CO2 etc.

  • PLC: LX3V- 3624 MR-A, LX3V- 1616 MR-A
  • HMI: 15” inch PI-8150 ( SMART HMI)

Elevator control system

WECON PLC and HMIs integrated for elevator control system for three floors.
The elevator experience is finally stepping into the 21st century with the Touch elevator with touchscreen system. These touchscreens take the place of the traditional panel pushbuttons. The graphics on the touchscreen represent destinations served by the elevator. The passengers choose their floor by touching the appropriate area on the screen. Our product line consists of large, vibrant, color touchscreens that are linked to the elevator control system via an interface unit(PLC).. The graphics change to alert the rider that the call has been recognized and the elevator takes the passenger to their requested destination. Upon arrival, the screen returns to the original graphics.
Products used in this application:

  • PLC: LX3V-1212-MRA
  • HMI:LEVI430T


Packaging industries

WECON PLC and HMIs integrated in packaging machine for pharmaceutical industry
Packaging machine is using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in automation industry. The main aim is to design and fabricate a small and a simple packaging system using PLC software. PLC technology have been increasing rapidly and proving its role in automation beneficially. PLC software is used to control and automate the packaging system. The result was made fully automated in the packaging system. In addition to that, this system is able to decrease product time and increase the product rate as compared with traditional manual system. The purpose of this paper is to develop an automation technique using Programmable Logic Controller.
Product used in this application:

  • PLC: LX3V-1212-MRA
  • HMI:LEVI430T


Flaretech India, GIDC, Vatva

WECON PLC and HMI integrated in Paste Coating machine
In the coating process, 6 zones two-stage drying tunnel is set on top of the machine for efficient drying. For feeding operation, double shaft turret type automatic splicing devices both on unwinding/rewinding units. The whole machine is controlled by PLC digital control system and HMI touch screen interface, which makes coating production easier and more convenient.

  • LX3V – 2416 MT-A : PLC
  • LEVI – 777A : HMI

Gujarat vidhan shabha sachivalay, Gandhinagar

In air handling unit of sachivalay we installed Yudian’s AI 526 universal PID controller for the controlling of VFD drive and actuator. VFD reduces electrical energy consumption by adjusting a FAN’s speed to match the required load and the flow of cool water is controlled by actuator which is also operated on PID controller. So it can reduce energy use and operating costs.


Sabarmati Gausala, Kheda

In production centre 1 & 2 we installed KHOAT’s paperless data recorder (KH 301-AB) For measurement of temperature in the range between 4°C to 7°C. Measuring data can be displayed in various types, such as graphic display as bar-graph, real-time trending, history trending memory, real time circular chart, history circular chart memory and alarming state display. For data recording & batch data login of temperature in pole handling cabinet at freezing area we used DAS software of KHOAT. We provides one hooter for high & low alarm.

  • LX3V – 2416 MT-A : PLC
  • LEVI – 777A : HMI

Acetochem PVT LTD, surat

Nitrosyl Sulphuric Acid , Dyes Intermediates & Sodium Naphthionate Manufacturer offered by Aceto Chem Private Limited. Nitrosylsulfuric acid is the chemical compound with the formula NOHSO₄. It is a colorless solid that is used industrially in the production of caprolactam, and was formerly part of the lead chamber process for producing sulfuric acid. We installed MICON SCADA for data recording of 48 nos of YUDIAN’s temperature controllers and indicators for their NHA plant.


Synergy Technics

The Khakhra Making machine is used for roasting khakhra. The raw dough balls are placed on conveyer belt on one side and on other side we get fully roated and ready to eat khakhra. In today’s fully automated age this type of automatic khakhra making machines are used to make khakhra and we solved the application with wecon plc and hmi

Process Overview:

Machine uses hydraulic motor and pressing mechanism for pressing the raw dough into flat khakhra and then it goes ahead to heating zone through conveyer belt where kharkhra are roasted according to recipe and then goes to packing.Inputs are proximity sensors and emergency switch.Outputs include Up and down solenoid valves, conveyer motor,hydraulic motor and oil spray valve.

  • Plc Used : Lx3v-0806 MR-A2 – 1 Nos.
  • Hmi Used : PI8070 – 1Nos.
  • Yudian : Ai-7048 – 2 Nos.
Communication Details:
  • COM1 : Rs422 Plc to Hmi
  • COM1 : Rs422 Wecon Lx3v Protocol
  • COM2 : Rs485 Yd protocol for Ai-7048

Here PLC is used to control the output logic of machine and heating is controlled by yudian AI-7048 blind controller. And hmi acts as a display for operating machine and setting different recipes of Khakhra.


TACHO METER Calibration

We have provided integrated solution for tachometer calibrator machine. Tachometer is device used to measure RPM of motor or any shaft. It is used widely in various industries. As it is a measuring instrument it must be calibrated with high precision equipment. We have provided Micon Servo System, Wecon PLC & HMI for this calibrator machine. User sets fix RPM in HMI on which user want to calibrate tachometer. PLC generates pulses bases on set RPM which is source of Micon servo drive and it drives servo motor on set RPM.

Product Used:
  • Plc : Wecon LX2E-0806 MT
  • HMI : LEVI 2070
  • Micon Servo Motor & Drive 400 Watt

Granite Polishing Machine

Wecon PLC and HMI are used in Granite Polishing Machine. Granite Polishing machine is used for Polishing Granite Slabs. The system Consists of Conveyer, Bridge and Polishing heads. The logic is made for 6 slabs,so this machine can polish 6 slabs at a time on conveyer. Wecon HMI makes the operation of the machine very easy and operator friendly. The production of the plant increases with this machine and it can polish more slabs than manual polishing machine.

Product Used:
  • LX3V 3624 MR-A – 1 nos
  • LX3V 8EX – 1nos
  • LX3V 8EYR – 1 nos
  • Levi 700EL – 1Nos

Traverse winding using wecon plc and micon servo

Wires winders are used across various applications. To enable this process to function smoothly and effectively, a tension control and traverse winding unit is installed. Traverse winding machines are designed to allow a wire to traverse, i.e. move from one side to another of the reel when being bound. With the help of some special instruction in our wecon plc we maintain speed as well as smoothness and it gives best high speed output. In this application Micon servo system (1.5 Kw) played major role and we got accurate output.

Product Used:
  • Wecon LX2E-1212MT series PLC
  • Levi 700 EL series HMI
  • Micon Servo system (1.5 Kw servo set)

Zydus Cadila Ltd,Ahmedabad

For the purpose of temperature data recording we installed KHOAT paperless data recorder (KH 306-A-G) and KHOAT DCS Software in QC department. We connect ATC 1000(serial to TCP/IP converter) for online data streaming in eight different computers. Also we Record Data recording in Offline mode and Online mode.


Torrent cable Ltd,Nadiad

We installed AI 500 indicator and MICON SCADA for measurement ampere Load of CCV machine also did the wireless communication (ATC 871-S2) for serial data exchange in PU2 Department.We Also More PID Controller Installed In CCV machine for Temperature and Pressure control.


ISRO Ahmedabad

We installed pressure transmitter for pressure measurement and ATC 1000 for conversion of serial data into TCP/IP protocol.


FCIPT Gandhinagar

In plasma testing unit we installed Kh-7018(8 Channel T type T/C) for multi channel inputs, ATC 107N (RS 232 to RS 485 converter with Isolation) communicate it with KH-DCS software. We measured and record data in numeric and Graphically Format. Also we Installed Yudian PID Controllers in Plasma testing.