• 2 PID Loops for Heating & Cooling
  • AIBUS & Mod bus Protocol
  • Dual Set point Switch
  • Auto/Manual Function
  • Soft start function for linear output
  • Servo Output Valve control with feedback
  • Remote Set point by Linear current/voltage signal
  • Built in power supply for 2 wire transmitter
  • 25 segment light bar display for output
  • Input : Universal [All type of Thermocouple and PT100‚ Cu50 (RTD)‚ Linear Voltage‚ Linear Current‚ mV‚ 2wireTransmitter input
  • Output : Relay‚SSR‚Linear Voltage/Current‚SCR Phase Shift Trigger‚Servo Valve Control/ (Plug in type Modules); Soft Start Option); Output Range Limit
  • Control Algorithm : AI MPT; Heating / Cooling Dual output with 2 sets of PID; Auto Tuning; Auto / Manual Bump less Transfer
  • Set Point : Set point Range Limit; Dual Set Point Switch; Remote Set point
  • Alarm : High limit, low limit, deviation high limit and deviation low limit; with alarm blocking at the beginning of power on.
  • Communication : RS485‚ RS232 (Modularized Installable)
  • Re Transmission O/P : Linear Current or Voltage (SV OR PV)
  • Power Supply : SMPS100~240VAC/DC‚50Hz OR 24V DC
  • Accuracy : 0.2%FS
  • Display Resolution : 0.001°C (Selectable)
  • Size : 48x48x95(D2Size)‚ 72x72x95 (D Size)‚ 48X96X95 (E Size), 96X48X95 (F Size), 96x96x100 (A Size), E5 (DIN Rail Mounting), A2 (Light Bar output display)
  • Over range and sensor fail output off‚ Input Offset A/M Key on front (AI-808); Password Protected in full Parameter table, Remote set point, AI MPT with Auto Tuning
  • Operating Ambient : Temp.: 10°C~60°C‚Humidity: <90%RH
  • Model no. AI-208, AI-509, AI-526, AI-519, AI-708, AI-808, AI-719, KM1, KM3, KM5, KX6

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