Temperature & Process Indicators

FeaturesSpecificationsFeatures Programmable and modular inputs, supporting multiple input types of thermocouples, RTDs, voltage/current and two-wire transmitters. Suitable for measuring and displaying temperature, pressure, flow, level, humidity, etc with measurement accuracy of 0.2% full scale (0.3% full scale for AI-500). Single display window to set parameters and alarm points. Various dimensions are selectable. Supports up to [...]

Servo Drives

FeaturesSpecificationsFeatures Using dual core DSP + FPGA processing, the response speed is increased by 4 times; 23 bit absolute value, incremental encoder interface (optional); Motor coating protection to prevent corrosion damage; Automatic parameter self-tuning; Virtual DI/DO, four channel real-time oscilloscope; Internal multi segment speed command; Instantaneous load rate and average load rate monitoring; Fault record [...]

Industrial IOT

FeaturesSpecificationsFeatures V-BOX is a device for use in remote debugging, web scada, API interface, app monitoring. 2 inputs with optocoupler isolation; 2 relay outputs VPN passthrough for PLC remote debugging Cloud Mode with MQTT Virtual deployment to creat your own cloud It can be connect with 4G/WIFI/ETHERNET network. Live data monitoring and control can be [...]

Multi Channel & Scanner Indicators

FeaturesSpecificationsFeatures No of Channels up to 48 nos. Programmable and modular inputs Multiple input types of thermocouples and RTDs, voltage/current inputs and two-wire transmitters are field- selectable. Every channel can have independent input specification. All channels are equipped Digital adjustment and digital filtering functions and each channel can set different Digital adjustment and filtering parameters. [...]


FeaturesSpecificationsFeatures Faster: 0.01us~0.03us execution speed; Larger program capacity: 48,000 steps; Highest baud rate: 921600; 8 channels external interrupt, and support both rising and falling edges; 100us high-speed timer interrupt; up to 100 high-speed counting interrupts; Supports E-CAM and electronic gear; Supports efficient and stable PID and CCPID self-tuning 4-channel 200K high-speed pulse output Support 32K-step [...]

Flow Measurement

FeaturesSpecificationsFeatures Accumulate mass, volume or length of medium, provide batch control over the accumulation. As batch controller, it has 4-bit accumulator for control and 12-bit accumulator for total sum individually. Square root/no square root selectable ,8-digits accumulation value and 4-digits momentary process value, small signal cut-out can be set at any range. AI-808H has temperature [...]

Data Loggers Paperless Recorders

FeaturesSpecificationsFeatures High-brightness TFT liquid crystal display touch Display Size 5”, 7”, 9” Data recording function, can display real-time trends, light beam and historical trends, Provide reporting data and alarm recording functions in the form of reports. The Ethernet interface implements the remote monitoring Programmable modular input supports and built-in formula, multipliers, adders and subtracters and [...]

HMI Panels

FeaturesSpecificationsFeatures OS Android, CE, Linux, apps supported Hardware: CPU 1.4GHz, 4GB FLASH,DDRIII 512MB Display size: 3.5, 4.3, 7, 10.2, 12, 15 inch Resolution:1920*1080 TFT LCD 16,000,000 colors Interface: RS422/RS485,two RS485,two RS232 Storage: Support Date Storage, SD Card, U Disk Mobile Apps supported, Cloud monitor supported, Multiple users supported, communication encrypted. Programmed by PIStudio Built-in remote [...]

Multi Loop PID Controllers

FeaturesSpecificationsFeatures 4-Input (Thermocouple: K, S, R, E, J, T, B, N, Linear Current/Voltage) 4-Output (SSR) RS-485 Communication Measuring and controlling 4-Channels of temperature, and every channel can define its own input specification. AI-7048 can either work independently or cooperate with computer or PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). New generation D5/E5 rail mounted dimension. The width of [...]

Single Loop PID Controllers

FeaturesSpecificationsFeatures 2 PID Loops for Heating & Cooling AIBUS & Mod bus Protocol Dual Set point Switch Auto/Manual Function Soft start function for linear output Servo Output Valve control with feedback Remote Set point by Linear current/voltage signal Built in power supply for 2 wire transmitter 25 segment light bar display for output Specifications Input [...]
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